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Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats): The Void with Christina Podcast Ep #34

The super awesome and supremely energetic Cancer Bats lead singer Liam Cormier appeared on the Void podcast to discuss meeting the dark rifflord Tony Iommi via his Black Sabbath cover band “Bat Sabbath,” meeting Australian tour buddy Frank Carter of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes) on Cancer Bats’ first ever UK tour and the five songs that changed his life with host Christina Rowatt recently. Listen to The Void with Christina podcast below on Soundcloud and listen/subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Check out video interviews:

Christina: We actually took you to the beach on Soundwave Festival 2013. That’s my vivid memory of you. And how upbeat you were at the airport after a 20 hour flight … are you making music and feeling excited?

Liam: We’re making music and feeling excited. We’ve been occupying ourselves over the past year with Bat Sabbath which is sort of like our fun in-between-album-cycles inspiration-based rocking … Playing Sabbath is also very inspirational. And mutually, you’re playing it with Sabbath fans. Everyone in Cancer Bats is a Sabbath fan. Everyone who shows up is a Sabbath fan. 98% of them. There are a few moshers who only want the Cancer Bats encore … So that’s really fun in a way to just be like “METAL IS AWESOME” and then go back into a dank basement and work on music again. So that’s been our vibe the last few years.

Christina: What better band is there to cover? That dude invented heavy metal.

Liam: And if you’re going to have a fun way of getting excited. What better way than to play “War Pigs”?

Christina: How did you fall in love with Black Sabbath?

Liam: For all four of us, it was one of the first bands we all got into. So it was as easy as that. Jay learned how to play the first three Sabbath records, that’s how he learned how to play guitar, so it’s like that is the root for us. Jay even took on an extra role .. he’s already mastered the Tony Iommi hat. He could literally play every single song already on guitar. So he was like, sick. I’m going to learn all of Geezer Butler’s parts. I was just like, that is why our band is awesome. Yes. So sick. I can’t take any credit for that.

Christina: What are the five songs that changed your life?

Led Zeppelin – “Immigrant Song”
Beastie Boys – “What You Want”
Ministry – “Just One Fix”
Metallica – “And Justice For All”

Cancer Bats are touring Australia with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes in February. Tour dates are here.



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