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The Void Podcast Episode #49: No Bullsh*t Veganism with Emma Roche of Plant Plate

In this week’s episode, hosts Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden explore the wonderful world of no bullshit veganism with Emma Roche of Plant Plate, the legend behind the incredible “Whole Food Plant-Based Eating on $5 a Day” cookbook, which is available as an e-Book or a hardcover book you may splatter lustily whilst cooking her tasty recipes. We discuss what the movement shares with the DIY ethic of independent music, the hard science that backs it, the danger of ridiculous animal fad diets and how plant-based eating has improved the hell out of our mental and physical health. Follow Emma on Instagram or Facebook, and browse more recipes here.

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Emma Roche has also put together an awesome playlist of artists mentioned in the podcast, some of her personal favourites (like Monster Magnet) alongside some killer vegan bands that are worth a listen. Check it out below, and for more playlists, head here: voidau.com/spotify-playlists


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